BDS hires designers and engineers who share our passion for quality design. Your personal designer will oversee the project from initial consultation to final build if you like. We don’t rest until you’re delighted.

The Team
ELECTRICAL William Stanley
Structural: Mike Denton PE

                 Daniel LeMier PE

                 Malouff Engineering

HVAC / PLUMBING Chris Menges

Robert Armon AIA

Kitchen Design: Caruso Kitchens
SURVEYING: Jim at AAA Surveying
                   303 519 7017

Our Team

Denver pop top

Olive St in Denver

​Before and after pictures. Nice pop top built by owner.

Design Work


We called Tony to give us some ideas on how to convert a small bathroom and two bedrooms into a larger bedroom/bath suite, on a budget. I had been thinking about this for at least ten years and figured we would have to tear up our bathroom, worry about load bearing walls and all kinds of plumbing issues. Tony walked in, looked at our rooms and immediately came up with a simple plan that I would never have thought of in a million years. He made up some preliminary plans and a computerized movie of what the remodel would look like and emailed it to us. It was great to be able to see what the final look would be and not have to just guess.
Pros:Very professional. He promply returned all our calls and was on time for our appointment. He takes into consideration what the homeowner is trying to accomplish and is able to envision practical changes right away. He even had creative ideas for other areas of the house, things that as soon as he said them, we thought "what a great idea, why didn't we think of that!" 

Apr 30, 2009



Good design brings continuity, function, and beauty to a living or working space, whether it’s a 1000-square-foot loft or a rambling country estate. A typical project includes these services:

tinaonfinn from N/A

I just called Tony for some help. We are in the process of building a shed in our back yard and did not think we needed a permit because we thought we were within the alloted square footage. We need to get a structural engineer and Tony was extremely helpful 
Pros:Answered all of my questions and had some very helpful suggestions

Jul 27, 2010​


Tina Onfinn



York St. Denver

Completed and the owners have moved in. 

Choosing an designer can be scary we know. Relax. Tony has the experience, connections and style to bring your vision to life – on schedule and on budget. 

We are consultants that will help you navigate through the government maze and codes.

Engineers: Structural, Civil, HVAC, Plumbing, Survey

Desingners: Residential design, Restaurant design, Commercial design

Other Services: Drafting, Accounting 


Call us we love to talk about architecture, it's our passion. 

What Clients Say About Us

We do it all for you ​​  We don't tell you what to build, we listen and give you options to help you realize your dream. 


We specialize in providing services for General Contractors and Spec. Builders

Buddhist Temple 

Brighton, Co. 

  • Design planning
  • Finish & material selection
  • Construction documents
  • End-to-end project management
  • Rendering
  • Photoshop

Tony Polisi

designer of Architectural solutions