After listening to your dreams for your project we will direct you to the proper people they will offer to do what we call our 3-3-2-1 concept. Because we believe the customers ideas are most important we will do a drawing of exactly what the customer has communicated. We will then do a drawing of a slight modification of the customer's concept and then we will do another drawing offering other ideas to encourage other concepts. That is the first 3 of the 3-3-2-1 concept. After discussing the first 3 drawings we will repeat with 3 more drawings, then 2 drawings, then the final 1. This process helps us and the customer to refine ideas and focus on the our goals. 

Project review and analysis​ $120

​After an initial conversation on the phone you may want one of us to come out to the project site to review your idea's. 

  1. Review the site for zoning issues.
  2. Listen to your ideas and offer suggestions on style and feasibility. 
  3. Suggest construction concepts for ease of construction and design. 
  4. Suggest options.
  5. Estimate cost of construction and offer options. 

Tony Polisi

designer of Architectural solutions


  1. ​Foundation failure and solutions.
  2. Framing structural failure and solutions.
  3. Insulation issues and solutions.
  4. Water infiltration issues and solutions. 
  5. Denver zoning review and calculations. 


We prefer to engineer all my designs. 

​    Site